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Magically Hospitable

Add flavor to your virtual meetings and events


The Concept

Are your clients, prospects or employees “Zoomed Out”? Are you looking to increase your audience’s engagement in your virtual meetings and events?

Thierry Sighel, wine connoisseur, magician and leader in the restaurant and hospitality industry, brings his expertise as well as his entertaining, cheerful and dynamic personality to add flavor to your virtual and in person events. Every successful presentation and event needs an entertaining, yet educational ice breaker moment to keep the participants engaged and focused.

From wine tips and magic tricks, to full event management, Thierry will tailor his proposed programs and performances to fit the exact theme, agenda and audience of your event.

Let Thierry uncork the fun for your next meeting!


Thierry Sighel

Born and raised in Belgium, Thierry is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of Saint Joseph, and brings to the United States more than just a culture of love for food and wine, but also a passion to bring complete satisfaction to his guest’s experiences.

Theirry the wine magician surrounded by laughing ladies

What They Are Saying...

"Thierry’s personality and deep knowledge of the Hospitality industry makes him a great asset to any organization, his ability to connect with people captivate his audience by bringing fun and humor to the conversation, his extensive wine experience complements what he brings to the table."

Claude Roussel Managing Director | Delta Sky Club

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